How Do You Keep Diamonds Shiny?

Diamonds are among the most expensive and valuable minerals found on earth. They are very hard and need high amounts of energy to burn. Being expensive, they need to be kept safe because its shiny color may erode with time. Very little touch by oil or dust may make it dirty and thus reduce its quality.

There are some ways which can be used to keep the diamonds shiny for a longer period.

How to Keep Diamonds Shiny

Avoid having your diamond in places where it can get dirty – As we have already said, diamonds can get dirty when it comes into contact with oil or other cosmetics. In the case where you’re applying oil, eating, swimming, taking a bath or doing some other activities that might make the diamond dull, you’re advised to remove the diamond first and have it one after the activities.

After a very long time of use, diamonds might get dull and thus the user might be tempted to clean them.

So, what does one have to do to gain back the shiny look of original diamond?

1.Scratching the diamond with other diamonds

This is the most effective way of cleaning the diamonds, but again the most expensive one because you must buy other diamonds to be used in scratching. However, continuous use of diamonds to clean other diamonds causes wear and tear, and this leads to scratches on the diamond.

  1. Immersing diamonds in a Cleaning solution

Immersion of diamond in cleaning solution dissolves the glue on the diamonds. Water solution mixed with soap serves better in degreasing the glue. After removing the diamond from water solution, a soft brush is used to rub the diamond on the surface gently. Some parts might be rubbed hard though with a lot of care. This is the best method because it’s cheap and one can do it from the house with a lot of ease.

  1. Avoid Harmful solutions

Avoid using chemicals such as chlorine which might be so harmful to the diamond.

  1. Use Jewelry Cleaners

Soap solution is the best in cleaning diamond, but jewelry cleaners can as well do the job. Before using the cleanser, you have to know the label in which the diamond is set on then select the best jewelry cleaner for the specific diamond. Jewelry cleaners always have instructions provided for the particular diamond.

Therefore, you have to read the instructions well before starting the cleaning process.

Remember, because human hands have a lot of particles, do not pick the diamond while it’s still wet. You better use something like a spoon and let it dry before putting it on.

Keeping your diamond shiny is easy as long as one takes prevention and also clean the diamond as often as possible. Keeping it shiny makes it look great. Brilliant Earth advises you to keep your diamond safe from oils and other things that can make it look dull.