Honest Review About the Best Fine Jewelry Provider in 2018 – Brilliant Earth Jewelry

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The engagement is one of the most important time in most people’s lives and it is a time that they will remember forever.

However, along with a beautifully planned proposal and a well throughout speech, there is usually an excellent piece of fine jewelry involved in the process and nowadays a lot of people are trying to be as conscious as possible and for many that means going for conflict free engagement rings. It used to be hard to find conflict free jewelry, but now there are a lot of options out there so finding the perfect ring can be a bit difficult. In this article we are going to talk to you about our favorite brand for conflict free engagement rings caller Brilliant Earth, so keep on reading to find out more about it.

This incredible business was first started in the year 2004

and it was actually much more a personal mission back then. One of the owners, Beth Gerstein, was about to get engaged but her and her fiancée Alex found that they were having a really hard time finding an engagement ring that is conflict free. Because of the difficulty that they were having, Alex started doing a lot of research on the topic and found that ethically sourced jewelry can also help make big social and environmental changes as well which is exactly what turned hat personal mission into the business and movement that Brilliant Earth Jewelry is now.

How can you tell a real diamond from a fake?

 If you are not familiar with the Kimberly Process, it is a process that has been put in place in order to prevent the flow of diamonds that are sold in order to finance wars. Nowadays most diamond sellers of fine jewelry comply with the Kimberly Process, but something that makes Brilliant Earth Jewelry stand out is the fact that they claim to actually go even beyond conflict free and that means that they also go beyond the Kimberly Process standards. Aside from making sure that their diamonds aren’t used in financing civil war, all of their diamonds are said to originate from places that are considered pure sources and have a completely traceable origin. This means that the diamonds that are a part of the Brilliant Earth jewelry are ethically mined from areas that have no poor labor practices, that don’t abuse human rights or violent and that don’t practice environmental degradation. All of these things are definitely something that makes this company stand out which is why they are definitely one of our favorites out there.

Which diamond clarity is best?

A lot of the time when people hear the words lab-grown diamonds they automatically assume that they are not the same composition as regular diamonds are, and that is simply not true. These diamonds also have the exact same chemical composition and visual properties as the natural ones, so there is really no reason to not get one. Now, if the diamonds were of bad quality then we would understand why people would be averse to them, but thankfully Brilliant Earth Jewelry have conflict free diamonds coming from Botswana, Russia and Canada that are of super quality. They, like traditional jewelers, also offer a variety of different cuts, colors, carat sizes and different engagement ring styles which means that there is definitely something for everyone in this company. To top this off, when you get your diamonds you also get a grading report as well as an ASET and Idealscope images that provide you with an in-depth analysis of the diamond which is not something you would ever get from traditional jewelers. Another great thing is that they have an incredible online store that is really user-friendly and it makes it very easy for you to design your own engagement ring in the comfort of your own home.

As we said before, finding a conflict free jeweler isn’t that difficult anymore, but finding a good one can be a bit more of a challenge. We really hope that this article was helpful to you and that we have encouraged you to go and check out the fine jewelry that Brilliant Earth has to offer, because we are sure that you won’t be disappointed with what you see.

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